Our group of companies is engaged in project preparation and implementation, in finding the best financial resources and in obtaining related environmental and official authorisation.

The main priority of the member-company Gloder Premium Trade LTD. for the forthcoming years is implementation of Kiskunlacháza Airport. Kiskunlacháza former military airfield is located 30 kilometres in the south-east direction from both Budapest and Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Its territory is 485 hectares, from which 35 hectares are hard-paved. To airport belongs a rail route running through its territory. Expert studies suggest that the Kiskunlacháza Airport as a cargo airport, a maintenance and educational centre could perfectly complement the Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 2, which - due to geographical reasons - can be extended neither physically nor functionally.

Our objective is to build up an aviation logistic centre, which is suitable for both the passenger and cargo traffic and incorporates a repair base, too. Construction of an educational centre is also necessary, especially as the Boeing Company has already shown its interest in being potential customer of it.

Gloder Aerospace Kft. will keep the airport and the aircrafts in operation. We already started preliminary negotiations with several airlines that are market leaders in air transportation of oversized, unique and heavy cargo and that show interest for operating at this airport.  

The investment will create a first category airport with warehouses, hangars and a customs office. Due to implementation of the highest technical and safety standards, safe take-offs and landings will be possible at the airport even in dense fog. All mentioned features would enable it to operate as an international airport capable to handle huge aircrafts weighing between 300-500 tons. Logistic centres, an educational centre, a repair base, an office building and a hotel will be built up at the outer parts of the airport. Our further objective is to build factories and assembly halls near the airport site. 

Over recent years, we gained our customers’ satisfaction through high quality of our services. Our business philosophy brought us success and enforced our market positions.  We owe our success to our team of motivated, committed and hounoured highly qualified professionals as well.

Gloder Capital LLP



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